Dana E. Strotheide



Dana has published numerous magazine articles, but her true passion lies in writing novel-length fiction. She is currently working on an Upmarket fiction piece, entitled Now and Then. Centered on a young woman's tragic day, the novel flashes between current time—as the heroine navigates her feelings, new relationship and the life changing news—and memories of life and the moments which shaped the woman she has become.

Dana is also working on a middle grade novel about the power of curiosity and wonder. She has plans to write more family oriented Upmarket fiction, a science fiction novel and various YA titles.


Born and raised in Colorado, Dana has always loved reading and writing. When her mother forced her outside to get some sunshine, Dana merely curled up in the grass with a pen, a notebook and her favorite paperback. She received her first rejections at age eleven when she copied the publishers' addresses from library books and shipped them her latest story–The Magic Key. Though her school days involved many different activities, including sports, music and philanthropy, she never lost her lust for the written word.

Dana received degrees in English Literature and Secondary English Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She began teaching sixth grade English in Longmont, Colorado and soon returned to the University of Colorado for her Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in Literacy. After teaching middle school English for five years, Dana took a sabbatical to concentrate on her writing.

When she's not writing, Dana enjoys reading, knitting and cooking. She lives near Boulder, Colorado with her husband, Andrew, and their lynx-point Himalayan, Dumbledore.


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